Stingrays in their natural habitat

Most people think of stingrays as aggressive animals, however, in their home environment, they are gentle giants. They glide along the sea floor every day foraging for shell fish. They are not aggressive towards humans unless provoked. Snorkelers almost never have any problems except for the famous Steve Irwin incident.


Snorkeling in Grand Cayman’s stingray sandbar

Stingray City – Vacation experience

We were lucky enough to visit stingray city with our family last year in December. We had a great time and found out that the small stingrays were actually males, despite the fact we all thought they were the babies at first.

We also went snorkeling at the barrier reef with a great watersports company that didn’t hesitate to show us all the best spots. We took a video shown below that highlights the best parts of our trip!

Stingrays in Grand Cayman

These majestic creatures are home native to the Cayman Islands. They have been around for millions of years, and it is no surprise that stingray city Grand Cayman is such a huge hit with the tourists. The fisherman decades ago would clean their fish out by the sandbar in North Sound, and this would attract all the stingrays. People soon realised that there was potential, and watersports companies began taking adventurous tourists out to see the rays.

Cayman bioluminescence and Stingrays

We love to spread all the amazing information about bioluminescent bays and stingrays in the Cayman Islands. We have multiple sources that mean that you will always be on the frontier of nature information.

These dinoflagellates are common in the ocean, but are very rare in high concentrations. In Grand Cayman, there is a world famous bio bay that makes people travel across the world to see. This is some of the best visibility due to the abnormal high concentration of single celled organisms that emit bright light.

bioluminescence squid